Chapter Leaders

Here is the Leadership Team for the current fiscal year (July 1, 2019 thru June 30, 2020):



Committees & Chair:

Big Event

Holly McPhail

Career Expo

Patrice Strachan

Corks and Taps

Cotter Starnes

Food Fight

Vernon Wildy

Game Watching

Stephanie Casey

Hokie Happy Hours (HHH)

Stephanie Casey

In Remembrance (We Remember)

Jason Habel

Blood Drive

Eugene Pogue

Student Sendoff

Eugene Pogue

Hokies helping Hokies (HhH)

Rick Curry


Eugene Pogue


Lauren Knowles

Young Alumni

Taylor Campbell

Virginia Tech Alumni Association Chapter Liaison:

Strategic Direction:

Brand the Alumni Association as an organization responsive to the needs of alumni relative to their careers, desire for lifelong learning and engagement, social interactions, and willingness to provide volunteer service and/or support to strengthen and advance the university.

Continually assess the interests and needs of alumni on the basis of their multiple affinities with the university in order to better understand and serve the dynamic, diverse, and multifaceted community of Virginia Tech alumni.

Leverage, where possible, the experience, capability and dedication of all alumni to the benefit of the university and the Alumni Association.

Provide core programs such as homecomings, alumni chapters and clubs, class and constituency reunions, periodic informational publications, Alumni Directory and records maintenance, and other fundamental services that engage alumni with the university.

Continually enrich the relationship with alumni chapter organizations through strong support of their volunteer leadership and new program development in order to maintain the long-term health and viability of the chapter network.

Maintain an effective Alumni Association Board of Directors by continually infusing interested and dynamic alumni leadership that provides professional experience, creative thinking, open-mindedness and diverse personal and cultural backgrounds for the benefit of the Alumni Association and the university.

Develop informational materials, training, resources or other support that attracts volunteer participation in alumni advisory and emerging constituency groups within the university.

Provide an effective marketing program that will create interest and engage greater numbers of alumni in both on- and off- campus programs, including but not limited to electronic communications, printed publications, direct mail, market research and other means of mass communications deemed useful.

Maintain strong relationships with academic units in order to fully understand their current and future needs and interests to best provide program support for these constituency groups.

Maintain strong relationships with the university’s senior management and administrative units to continually be aware of the short- and long-term goals and needs of the university.

Encourage alumni advocacy for support of higher education by state and federal officials, facilitating direct contact with elected and appointed officials whenever appropriate.

Provide a broad array of partnered or out-sourced services that meet the diverse intellectual, social and professional needs of the alumni community.

Recognize alumni, faculty and students for their service, achievements and professional excellence in order to honor and showcase them within the university family.

Strengthen and broaden opportunities for students to affiliate with the Alumni Association through the Student Alumni Associates and Class Officer programs in order to build awareness and commitment to the mission and goals of the Association.

Develop, maintain and continually renew the financial resources necessary to sustain the engagement of alumni in the life of the university to the benefit of the university.

Utilize the alumni center, conference center and hotel complex to the fullest extent to attract and serve alumni who return to the campus for specific programs or informal visits.