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Registration is a 2-STEP Process:


1. RESUME UPLOAD (click here)

Upload as often as you wish. Future uploads overwrite previous versions. Resumes are shared with participating employers.


 Job Seekers must have an Eventbrite registration to be admitted

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Health, Wellness, Hospitality, General


Public Sector, Government, Education, Public Safety

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1. When is the Virtual RVA Career Expo?

The RVA Career Expo is going virtual via Zoom and will take place over a four-day period, Tuesday October 13th – Friday, October 16th, 2020. 

2. What time is the RVA Career Expo?

Each day will consist of two breakout sessions from 12:30pm – 2pm and 2:30pm – 4pm. You may sign up for multiple days of the Expo, but only ONE session per day.

3. What day(s) should I sign up for? 

There are designated industries and companies assigned for each day of the Expo. There is a limit of 30 companies participating during each session each day. Companies will be attending BOTH sessions on their assigned date.

Click Here to view/print ALL participating companies, their open jobs and assigned date. (List is updated daily).

View Company Participants by day: Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday 

4. How do I register for the RVA Career Expo?

Registration is now open for all job seekers and is a 3-step process: 

Step One: Upload Your Resume. Upload your resume as often as you wish. Future uploads overwrite previous versions. Resumes are shared with all participating employers prior to the event. 

Step Two: Sign up for the days and sessions you are interested in through Eventbrite. Please list the company you would like to speak with first. This will give us a good idea of which employer to initially connect you with once you join the virtual expo on the day of. *Please Note* You may only sign up for ONE session per day. However, you can sign up for as many days as you’d like.

Step Three: Sign up for a Zoom account. You will be provided with Zoom meeting links for each session at the completion of your Eventbrite registration.

5. What if I already registered for the March 2020 Expo? Do I need to register again?

Yes please! Prior registrations will NOT be transferred to the October Virtual Expo. To ensure accuracy, and to reserve the session(s) you wish to attend, we ask you to re-register and re-upload your resume with the links in Question 4. 

6. How many other job seekers can attend each session?

A maximum of 125 job seekers can attend each session. Registration is a first come, first serve basis. 

7. What technology do I need to participate in the RVA Career Expo?

To attend the RVA Career Expo, you will need: a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet or smartphone; webcam and microphone; Chrome or Firefox browser; and the login link to the Zoom session(s) you signed up for, which will be provided in an email after you register.

8. How will I know what to do once I enter the RVA Career Expo on the day of?

When you join the Zoom call, there will be a brief introduction from each company. Then, our host will place you into the first choice employer breakout room that you requested in your Eventbrite registration. Then, you will have free reign to switch employers as many times as you’d like during each session. 

9. How much does the RVA Career Expo cost?

The RVA Career Expo is FREE for all job seekers

10. Can I view the open positions for each company beforehand?

Yes! All open positions are posted daily on our website. They will also be posted on the Career Expo Mobile app.  A pdf list of all companies and their open jobs can be viewed/printed Here. (Note this report is updated daily as more companies sign up to participate).

11. How should I best prepare for the RVA Career Expo?

The RVA Career Expo team will send you emails with tips and best practices on how to best prepare for a virtual career fair, including the appropriate attire.

12. What if I have technical issues during the event?

Customer service and help desk personnel will be available during each session, simply by text message or via the Zoom Chat function. 

13. Is there an option for private interviews? 

Yes. Opportunities to meet privately with companies one-on-one in separate Zoom break-out rooms can be done at the discretion of the company.

14. What if I have additional questions?

Please email with any additional questions you may have.




Over 100 companies will be recruiting for jobs, internships, business and educational opportunities. To make the most of your visit we advise you to study our Participating Company List with open positions and company contact information.


Develop a game plan to maximize your time during your session. Make a list of target companies and map out which breakout rooms you want to join. Make sure to interact with companies of interest even if they aren’t recruiting for jobs in your field. Allow time to network and for unexpected opportunities and conversations.


Be prepared with questions for each recruiter. Expect to be asked, “Why do you want to work for our company?” Here are some other suggestions to help you stand out and be memorable:



  • Study the Participating Company List with open positions and company contact information.
  • Have a warm smile, good eye contact, and a strong voice.
  • Studies show hiring decisions are made within 15 seconds of meeting a candidate, so strive to make a good impression!
  • Gather contact information from each person of interest.
  • Network with recruiters, volunteer staff and fellow job seekers in attendance to learn about other possibilities in your field.