Strategic Planning For Your People Virtual Workshop Series


The Virginia Tech Richmond Center is hosting Virtual Workshops in March!

In this series of workshops, we will explore the success elements of managing the people within your organization. Each of these workshops addresses one key component in an employee’s career trajectory at an organization. The underlying goal of this series is to help managers develop success strategies for hiring, evaluating performance, and aligning skills with strategic goals.

Key questions that we address in this series: Why are you creating or hiring someone for these roles? Are these roles new or redesigned? How does this role fit in the organization as a whole? What does it take to be successful in these roles? How can you help your employee grow and develop skills needed for the organization’s success in the future?

These interactive workshops, virtual workshops will be 90-120 minutes, including content delivery, discussion, and practical applications. Workshops can be taken individually or as a series that builds upon one another.