We have open volunteer positions!

The Richmond Hokies team is looking to expand participation in a few key leadership roles. If you are an alum who loves Virginia Tech and wants to keep the Hokie Spirit alive in Richmond, we hope you will consider getting involved! The following positions are open:


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Social Media

There is a position for each medium: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

  1. Post about upcoming events and other important news on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
  2. Monitor & respond to any questions and comments on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
  3. Attend events and take pictures to post to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
  4. Follow Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts of other Chapters and the VTAA
  5. Participate in quarterly meetings (in-person/virtual) of the Social Media Committee

Average weekly commitment is 2-3 hours a week.

Website Publisher

  1. Create rules/guidance concerning appropriate user access, templates, and media types (Quarterly).
  2. Social Media Committee Member with corresponding duties such as: optimize media presence using metrics such as content, campaign/funnel & tracking/metrics (Quarterly).
  3.  Publish and edit content as necessary (Daily)

Average weekly commitment is 1 hour.

Big Event Leaders

The Richmond Chapter is looking for Event Leaders to coordinate and lead events on the day of the Big Event. The goals is for multiple concurrent volunteer opportunities for local alumni

Required: Event Leader meeting in person for about 60 minutes to establish the following

  1. Social Media assistance/promotions from the Chapter for Event Leaders
  2. Expectations for a timeline of planning from the Event Leaders to the Chapter
  3. Discussion of resources needed from Blacksburg
  4. Effective feedback and surveying for evaluation and planning

Average weekly commitment varies depending on the nature of the event.

Freshmen Student Sendoff Planner

The Student Sendoff Committee is looking for volunteers to help plan the Annual Student Sendoff. The event tends to be between May 15th and August 15th of each year. Planning usually begins around February 15th of each year

Planning Committee Goals: 

  1. Establish a date, time and location for the event with enough prior notice in order for Blacksburg (Alumni Relations) to send communication (webpage, email and postcard) on our behalf
  2. Establish connections with the following to increase event participation
    • Current VT students
    • Incoming VT students
    • High school professionals
    • Previous attendees
    • Scholarship winners
    • Richmond Hokie Parent Group
    • Faculty and Staff
  3. Establish timelines and parameters for future events with a database for querying purposes
  4. Establish surveys and feedback from various stakeholders in the event (usually sent midway through the event to capture input while on attendees’ minds).

NOTE: Volunteers must be willing to use an intranet/discussion board as the primary method of communicating with the committee

Average 30-minute weekly commitment during 3 month planning period.

April 16 Blood Drive

      1. Secure a Date and Time for the Blood Drive
      2. Select an Appropriate Site for the Blood Drive
      3. Set Measurable Goals for the Blood Drive
      4. Establish your Recruitment and Day of Teams
      1. Assign Specific Roles to Team Members
      2. Plan Recruitment and Promotional Strategy
      3. Publicize your Blood Drive
      1. Distribute Red Cross Materials
      2. Schedule Appointments
      3. Confirm Donor Appointments
      4. Check Site Arrangements and Parking
      1. Remind Donors and Reconfirm Appointments
      2. Reconfirm Day of the Drive Volunteers
      3. Coordinate with your Red Cross Rep
      4. Post Directional Posters
      1. Greet Red Cross Staff
      2. Review Master Schedule
      3. Remind Donors / Contact No Shows
      4. Post Results of the Blood Drive
      1. Thank Donors
      2. Recognized and Thank the Blood Drive Team
      3. Confirm / Book Date for the Next Blood Drive


    1. The American Red Cross provides:
      1. Account Manager to help guide through the process
      2. Registration volunteer on the day of the event
      3. Extensive promotion materical
    2. Average weekly commitment is 30 minutes per week during 2 month planning period.
    3. Day of the drive: 8 hours commitment plus there will be several Chapter volunteers/leaders during different portions of the day

Monthly Socials

  1. Participate in the selection of locations for each month
  2. Arrive 15 minutes early to the event in Hokie attire
  3. Encourage people to attend the event
  4. Help participants to sign up for RVA Hokies Email List

Average monthly commitment is 3 hours per month.

Game Watching Parties

  1. Arrive 15 minutes early to the event in Hokie attire
  2. Encourage people to attend the event
  3. Help participants to signup for RVA Hokies
  4. Lead cheers and chants to engage patrons/fans

Average monthly commitment is 4 hours per month

Inclusion and Diversity Chair

Actively seek out and give platform to diverse Alumni using the core values of InclusiveVT and the Principles of Community as a guide

Tasks and Duties:

  1. Attend planning meetings of the chapter.
  2. Coordinate with Social Media Committee which target overlooked alumni segments.
  3. Organize social events which to highlight InclusiveVT (quarterly basis, if possible).
  4. Recruit underrepresented alumni to become active volunteers and leaders in the chapter.

Average monthly commitment is 3 hours per month



If you are interested, please Contact Us! Everyone is welcome!!! We look forward to hearing from you.