SharePoint Users

Instructions for RVA Career Expo SharePoint

From RVA Career Expo side:

  1. Log into with your RVACareerExpo account. If you are already signed in with a different Microsoft account, recommend you either log out first, or open a different browser first.
  2. Go to SharePoint, then Resume Folder site. Click Documents, then click the circle TO THE LEFT OF the Resume Folder (the circle appears when you mouse over that area)
  3. Click the Share button

          1. Then click on “Anyone with the link can view” and then
          2. Choose it to “Specific People” and click “Apply”
          3. In the “Send Link” box, enter the email address(s) of the people you want to send it to. After entering each address, click the validated email address below the entry line.

          1. Enter any text you wish to include in the “Message” box.

        1. Press Send!

        Please remind people that there is a good chance their invitations may end up in the Spam or Junk folder. They should look for an email [] with the subject, ‘RVA Career Expo Administrator has shared the Resume Folder with you’