Candidate Anonymous

  1. Email Invite and Entering Sharepoint
    1. Find the invite email titled ‘RVA Career Expo representative has shared the folder “[Year] [Season]” with you’. (The email format is [])
    2. Click the link in invite email
    3. Check the Spam Folder in your email system, since it being sent by the Microsoft Office 365 systemOffice 365 Invitation Email Image

2. You can sort or filter (Funnel Icon) by :

  • Modified Date/Time
  • Modified Person
  • File Format/Type

3.  Actions on the files:

  • Select an option to the right of the file name (see checkmark on image below):
    1. Open (Browser or Immersive Reader)
    2. Preview
    3. Manage Access/Share (panel on the far right)
    4. Download
    5. Details (File Format/Type, Modified Date/Time, File Size)
  • Share or Download files defaults to the entire list unless file(s) are selected

4.  Once you’ve downloaded a file, you can share it with anybody

Thanks for using the RVA Career Expo resume bank!

We hope it allows you to find great candidates for your positions!