1. Maintain the current version of CMS (Website) and all add-ons (Monthly)
  2. Internal website backup through CMS (Manual).  Also external website backup through GoDaddy (Automated)  (Weekly).
  3. Create an Annual Plan including future projects and scheduled maintenance. (Annual)
  4. Review user accounts, webforms with Website Publisher. Also check redirects on website for corrections/updates (Quarterly).
  5. Report charges in excess of established thresholds to the Treasurer promptly. (ASAP)
  6. Monthly status reports by email to President and Recording Secretary (Monthly).
  7. Primary contact for external resouces like GoDaddy and Addison Clark (As Needed)


  • All points above except #4 should be compiled into a email and sent to the President and Recording Secretary for the Monthly Chapter Meeting. 
  • Point #4 should be included quarterly into the monthly email. 


Prior experience preferred but Not necessary.  Extensive training provided.  Average weekly commitment is 2 hours.

Questions? Email: webmaster@richmondhokies.org  Or Click Volunteer below to sign up